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Nationwide (Sprint) BYOD Data Device 4G ONLY

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Bring your own Sprint CDMA smartphone over to the Spirit nationwide network.

In order to bring your current Sprint-branded device over to our Spirit nationwide wireless network, the following guidelines must be met.

  • Program does not apply to existing Sprint contract-based accounts. Only accounts on month-to-month billing qualify.

  • Hardware cannot be physically modified in any way.

  • Device must comply with the Global Device Black List.

  • The device and associated account must be in Good Standing.

  • The device must not be listed as "Lost" or 'Stolen" in Sprint systems.

  • Any current or prior Sprint Retail account must not be in "Hotline" or "Collection" status.

  • Sprint device software cannot be rooted or altered.

  • Release of the device from Sprint for activation is at each companies sole discretion and is governed by each companies own internal terms and conditions for release of the hardware.

  • After ordering, you will be contacted by our Customer Processing/Customer Service department via ticket to provide us with the Sprint device MEID DEC number from the back of the device so we can do a search to determine activation capability on our Spirit wireless network.

Click the "Other Info" Tab above for information on the importance of verifying your device is Free & Clear before placing your BYOD order.
Important Information Regarding Your BYOD Hardware!
It is the the Customer's sole responsibility to call Sprint or Verizon Customer Service to verify that the New or Used device(s) being brought over to Spirit are 'Free & Clear' for Activation on our network. Bringing your devices over to us from another carrier is quite an extensive process requiring several time consuming steps to be successful. Due to limitations in the Device Fraud Investigation Process, we cannot know whether a device can be activated or not until we actually initiate the Activation at the carrier level following all preliminary setup on our end. Therefore, in the event that a BYOD Activation fails and is rejected by your previous carrier due to any of the reasons outlined above, your new account will be accessed a non-refundable $20 Inconvenience Fee per device. No exceptions. Any refund owed to you will be returned to you within five (5) business days minus the $20 Inconvenience Fee per device. You can quickly verify the status of your BYOD hardware at no cost to you by calling the Customer Service Department (or the appropriate Department designated to handle such matters) at the device carrier to do a full verification check of all device MEIDs/ESNs for Activation.

Once your device(s) have been established as Free & Clear by the device carrier, the Activation process will be fast and effortless as it is designed to be without any additional costs and unnecessary delays.

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